The Haslingden Halo

The Haslingden Halo is one of a series of ‘Panopticons’, sculptures placed in prominent locations in the West Penine moors in Lancashire.  The Halo is located above the town of Haslingden and has the appearance of a disc, almost like a flying saucer, which looks especially effective when lit up at night.

Location and Parking

Post Code: BB4 5AD

Haslingden is located in the West Penines, about 20 miles due north of Manchester.  The Halo is on Cribden End Lane, on a hill overlooking the town.  There is parking in a small lay-by close to the halo, or it is possible to park in the town and walk about 1 mile up to the halo.

Haslingden Halo

The Halo sits on a fairly bleak piece of moorland above the town.  It is constructed from aluminium poles, which is a bit reminiscent of scaffolding, so it is probably not at its best during day-time shots.  At sunrise or sunset however, with an interesting sky behind it, the shape of the sculpture stands out much better to make a more interesting image.

Haslingden Halo

The best time of day however is just after sunset, but before the sky becomes completely dark. As the sky darkens, the small blue lights that illuminate the sculpture begin to show up and it then takes on the appearance of something altogether more interesting, like some alien spaceship. The blue lighting of the sculpture looks especially good against a deep blue sky.

Haslingden Halo After Sunset

Haslingden Halo After Sunset

Scout Moor Windfarm

Visible to the south of the Halo is Scout Moor Windfarm.  A long telephoto lens can pick out some of the Wind Turbines against the evening sky. Scout Moor is the second largest on-shore wind farm in England, and consists of 26 turbines in total.


Scout Moor Wind Turbines


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