Have you ever seen great looking photos on the internet and wondered ‘where was that taken?’  I have, and as a keen photographer I sometimes want to track down locations to visit myself.  That can take a bit of research, I thought ‘if I find a good spot, why not share it’ – and that’s why I started to develop this web-site.  It’s called fotospot, because as well as a spot on the internet for showcasing my photos, There are numerous posts describing good photography locations – where it is, where to park and any directions needed.  That way, if you see any pictures you like on this site, you’ll know exactly where it was taken and how to get there.

Bamburgh Castle At Dawn

Bamburgh Castle

So a bit about me.  My name is Gordon Watson, and for the past 40 years I have lived in the North West of England, though I was born in Scotland.  I’ve been interested in photography for a number of years – my first SLR camera didn’t even use batteries and exposures were based on guesswork!  However it is only in the last few years since retiring that I decided to try to improve my photography.  I am very fortunate to have some wonderful scenery close by – the Lake District in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales are well known beauty spots, but there are always some less well known photo locations close to everyone’s home, and I wanted to document some of those in my own county of Lancashire.  Being based in the UK, the site mainly covers UK locations, but I have also included some holiday images from around the world (well, as far as we have been in the last few years!)

I am married to Carol, who is also a keen photographer, and since retirement, we have both been actively involved in club photography, entering competitions and exhibitions, so I will reflect this aspect of my photography on this site as well.

Finally, another one of my interests which I include on this site is Astro-Photography, which can be frustrating at times given NW England’s reputation for cloud and rain, but it all makes for a good challenge!

The main location posts are organised by UK region (basically English counties, plus Scotland and Wales).  Each post gives details about location and parking and a few sample pictures.  The map below also shows all the UK locations I have posted so far.

So  please take a look around.  Even if you don’t live anywhere near our locations, I hope you will enjoy the pictures.  If you find anything interesting or useful, or if you have a suggestion for a good fotospot in the UK, then I’d love to hear from you.

Gordon Watson



UK Locations Map