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2018 – Selva, Val Gardena

This year for our skiing holiday we went to Selva in the Val Gardena valley.  Val Gardena is located in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, an area renowned for its impressive mountain scenery.  Selva is one of the resorts on the famous Sella Ronda, a continuous circular ski route around the Sella Massif which extends for 40km, including lifts.  The ski route can be skied in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, both circuits being well within the capability of Intermediate skiers.  Away from the Sella Ronda, there are also extensive ski areas in the Val Gardena valley and the Alta Badia ski area above Corvarra.

The village of Selva is at a fairly high altitude of 1563m (5115ft), and due to the vertical nature of the mountains, most of the ski runs only extend up to around 2000m (6500ft), so the area mostly consists of fairly shortish runs.  However it is an excellent area for travelling a lot of ground on skis, and the scenery is amongst the best in the Alps.

Most of the images below were taken on a small compact camera due to the logistics of carrying anything larger whist skiing.