Black Moss Reservoir

Black Moss Reservoir is located at the foot of Pendle Hill, close to the village of Barley.  This area is famous for the Pendle Witches, a group of 11 people who were executed for witchcraft in 1612.  At that time, this area of Lancashire was wild country, and even today, the whaleback of Pendle Hill makes a brooding presence over the land.  There are in fact two reservoirs at Black Moss, which are reached by a short walk from Barley, and although a lot of the view is obstructed by walls, there are occasional spots which offer a fine view across the reservoir towards Pendle Hill.

On the south side of Barley there are another pair of reservoirs – the Upper ad Lower Ogden Reservoirs.  These are located closer under Pendle Hill, so do not provide such a good view of the hill itself, but make for another  fairly pleasant stroll from Barley.

Location and Parking

Post Code: BB12 9JX

There is a car park in the village of Barley with an Honesty Box for parking.  From the car park, walk north and just before leaving the village, turn right onto Barley Lane which leads to the first of the two Black Moss Reservoirs.

Black Moss Reservoir

There is a high wall running along the side of the first reservoir, blocking the view, however beyond the first reservoir, there is a good view of Pendle Hill down a lane leading to a farm.

Pendle Hill

A little further on, the second reservoir is reached. Once again, the view is obstructed by a wall alongside the reservoir, however there are a few spots where it is possible to peer over the top of the wall and set up a tripod for views of Pendle Hill reflected in the reservoir. The most open view comes at the far end of the second reservoir.

Pendle Hill From Black Moss Reservoir

Early Morning At Black Moss Reservoir

Once whilst peering over the top of the wall to check out the view, I was surprised to see a deer close by. The deer was also surprised and quickly ran away, but I did manage just one shot of it.

Deer At Black Moss

Half way along the second reservoir, there is another good viewpoint at the track that leads to the Pendle Sculpture Trail. The trail itself is a location we have yet to visit.  Given the history of the area, it is also worth considering mono shots of the brooding Pendle Hill to produce some dark and moody images.

Pendle Hill from Black Moss

Black Moss Mono

Ogden Reservoirs

Upper and Lower Ogden Reservoirs are located to the south of Barley. To reach these from the village, cross over the road from the car park, and take the track almost directly opposite, known as Barley Green.  After about 0.5 miles along this track, the first of the two Ogden Reservoirs is reached, which has an interesting castle-like water tower.  The Upper Reservoir is a further mile along the track, but is not particularly interesting photographically.

Lower Ogden Reservoir

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