Traeth Dulas Wreck

Traeth Dulas is a tidal lagoon in Anglesey, at the point where the Afon Goch flows into the Dulas Bay.  When the tide is out it leaves behind an area of flat muddy sand about 0.8 miles long by 0.3 miles across, cut off from the sea by a low spit of land.  This would not be particularly photogenic except for a couple of old boats left decaying in the lagoon.  When we visited one evening, we could only see one wreck in the middle of the lagoon, but there was once a second wreck closer to the shore.  This may now have decayed – certainly it was not obvious on our visit, though this was in the evening with fading light.  However the main wreck in the centre of the lagoon makes a good photographic subject, especially in evening light.

Location and Parking

Postcode: LL70 9DJ

Take the A5025 along the west coast of Anglesey, passing through Benllech until the small strung out village of City Dulas is reached.  After passing a garage on the right, there is a long climb, at the top of which there are some white cottages on the left and a crossroads.  Turn right here down a narrow road marked as unsuitable for heavy goods vehicles.  Follow this road for about 1 mile to reach the lagoon, where there is space for parking (the postcode above is further back up this small road).  The main wreck is at the far end of the lagoon.  Wellington boots are recommended as there are numerous pools left behind even when the tide is out.  It is also important to check tide times, as the wreck can only be accessed at low tide.

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