Mangarstadh Pinnacles

The Mangarstadh Pinnacles (also spelled Mangersta) are an impressive collection of sea stacks and pinnacles off the west coast of the Isle of Lewis.  They are located just south of the village of Mangersta which has a fine beach which is also worth visiting.

Location and Parking

Post Code: HS2 9EY

To reach Mangersta from Stornoway, take the A859 south then turn west along the A858 towards Callanish.  Just before reaching Callanish, turn south onto the B8011, following this road for 23 miles as it weaves its way towards the west coast of Lewis.  To visit the beach, ignore the turn left towards the village of Mangersta and instead continue on for just under a mile to a disused quarry where the car can be parked.  A track leads down to the beach, which is set in a small cove between impressive cliffs.  The beach faces due west and receives the full force of the Atlantic waves which break dramatically against the cliffs and rocks.

To visit the pinnacles, return to the car and continue south along the B8011 for about 1 mile.  There is parking at a building that looks a little like an old military building, or it may be possible to park in a layby a little further along the road, though possibly thus should be kept clear as a passing space.  In either case, make your way towards the sea until the pinnacles come into view.  Continue out onto the promontory to the south of the pinnacles, passing through a gate in a fence, for additional views.  The mountain that rises behind the bay is Mealaisbhal, which at 574m is the highest peak on Lewis.

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