Iceland Day 3 – Kirkjufell

Our intention today was to make a tour of the Snaefelsnes Peninsula, however there was high wind and heavy snow showers in the morning, so we decided to stay close to Grundarfjorder and spent the day photographing Kirkjufell.  Even though Kirkjufell is not particularly high (at just 463m or  1519ft), it is possibly the most photographed mountain in Iceland as it stands on its own peninsula, isolated from other mountains, and appears as an impressively slender pyramid from the main road.  Better yet, there are a series of waterfalls close by – Kirkjufell Waterfalls – that can be photographed with the mountain in the background – one of the iconic views in Iceland.

In the morning, we took several shots from a lay by on the main road where we could get down to the waters edge, but we had to dodge strong snow showers that blew through all morning.  There are also some impressive mountains to the north side of the road which periodically appeared out of the clouds.  In the afternoon, we walked up to the waterfalls for the views from there.  By this time the snow showers had stopped, however the sky was overcast and the light became very flat, so by the end of the afternoon conditions were not good for photography.

Iceland Day 3

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