Manhattan Night View

New York

Day 13 – Brooklyn and World Trade Center

Our hotel was next door to Grand Central Station, so we started the day visiting the station for breakfast and taking some pictures of the early morning rush.  We then took the subway to downtown to walk across Brooklyn Bridge for some views of the city from Brooklyn.  On the return to Manhattan, we were surprised at how many people take a walk on the bridge.  We then visited the World Trade center area, taking pictures of the Occulus and One World Trade Center before visiting the 9-11 museum.  Finally, we returned to the Midtown area and headed up to the Top Of The Rock for the sunset.  This was packed with people, so at first it was a struggle to get a clear shot, but gradually the crowds thinned out, and we managed to find a spot to balance cameras on the parapet.  No tripods are allowed, so some form of support is essential.

Day 14 – Skyscrapers, Central Park and The Guggenheim

First thing this morning, we decided to walk down 5th Avenue, mainly to take a look at the Flatiron building, which we had not seen previously.  Along the way we passed the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building.  We then headed to Central Park and walked around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.  There were plenty of joggers, a few squirrels and a film crew at Gothic Bridge.  Then it was time for some culture in the Guggenheim Museum, which we mainly wanted to visit for the architecture.  In the afternoon, the weather was deteriorating, so we headed back to Midtown, but paid a short visit to New York Central Library to have a look around inside.  Photography was allowed, but access for non-researchers was fairly limited.

Day 15 – 42nd Street and Times Square

We had a few spare hours this morning before we had to head for the airport, so we walked down 42nd Street, hoping for a view of the Chrysler Building.  We managed to walk right past it, but carried on to the river to take a look at the United Nations Building.  On the way back, we realised we had walked right under the Chrysler Building, but had not recognised it due to some street level building work.  This time we managed a view from the other side of the street!  We carried on along 42nd Street to visit Times Square, then it was back to our hotel to pick up our luggage for the transfer to Newark Airport and the flight home.

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