Southwold is a fairly large seaside town on the Suffolk coast, about 12 miles south of Lowestoft. For photographers, the main attractions are the pier at the north end of the town and the numerous beach huts. There are several large groups of beach huts lining the back of the beach at Southwold, but those at the far south end of the town stand in a more open area of grass. This means they can be photographed from behind, looking out to sea, or from in front without having town buildings in the background.

Location and Parking

Post Code: IP18 6LT & IP18 6HQ

There are two useful pay and display car parks. For the pier, the first postcode is for a large car park right next to the pier. Depending on the time of day, it may be possible to park on the promenade for free.  The second post code is for a very small parking area close to the beach huts at the south end of the town. During summer, there may also parking in a field across the road from this parking area.

As Southwold faces east, early morning shots will catch the rising sun, but in winter the pier can also be photographed in the evening as it catches the light of the setting sun. The beach huts can be photographed in the morning or evening, either from the front or behind, depending on where the sun is.

Southwold Pier

Southwold pier makes a fine subject, which can be photographed from either side. On the south side of the pier, there is a shingle beach and some groynes which can be worked into the composition. In the winter, this side of the pier catches the setting sun, so so works well in the evening.

There are some groynes at the side of the pier that can also be worked into the composition. This is a little more difficult than might be thought because the first groyne is quite close to the pier.

Sunset On Southwold Pier

On the north side of the pier there are some dark rocks that can be used in the foreground. The sun will tend to shine on the north of the pier at sunrise, so this is the best side for sunrise shots. The first image is a long exposure in the ore-dawn light, followed by a shot later the same morning when a light mist came up after the sun had risen.

Early Morning At Southwold Pier

Misty Southwold Pier

Southwold Beach Huts

There is an almost continuous line of beach huts along the back of the beach in Southwold, starting to the north of the pier  and running to the south end of the town. Most of the huts are backed by the town buildings, but they can be photographed along the length of the promenade to avoid the town from intruding into the picture. At the far south end of the town there are a few huts that stand in relative isolation, and these make a colourful subject from the front or back.

Southwold Beach Huts

Southwold Beach Huts

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