Any mention of Sizewell immediately brings to mind the nuclear power stations of Sizewell A and B.  These power stations are located right behind the shingle beach at Sizewell, but the beach is also home to a number of small fishing boats. This offers some unusual composition opportunities, to either ignore the power stations and concentrate on fishing boats, or bring the power stations into the composition. Just offshore, there are disused cooling towers associated with Sizewell A, which make a further subject that works particularly well for long exposure photography.

Although Sizewell A has now stopped electricity generation, it will be many years before the site is fully de-commissioned and cleared. In the meantime, Sizewell B will continue to operate until at least 2035, and there are plans for a further Sizewell C power station, which are currently in the approval stage.

Location and Parking

Post Code: IP16 4UH

There is a pay and display car park at the beach, simply drive into the small village of Sizewell and when the dunes come into sight, continue as the road bends to the left. Alternatively, you may be able to park for free at the roadside.

Sizewell Cooling Towers

Out to sea are the twin cooling towers of the Sizewell A power station. As the station is no longer generating electricity, these are now disused, so there is an air of industrial decay about them. Although not particularly attractive, they make a unique offshore subject, for which a long exposure works best.

Sizewell Cooling Towers

The cooling towers look particularly good in mono compositions, which can bring out their dark brooding presence.

Sizewell Mono


Sizewell Fishing Boats

There are several small fishing boats pulled up onto the shingle beach, along with a variety of fishing related equipment, and it is worth exploring to seek out a good composition. Looking out to sea, there is no hint of the industrial complex that borders the beach.

Sizewell Fishing Boat

Sizewell Fishing Boats

A mono conversion adds a bit of extra drama, particularly when combined with a wide angle lens.

Sizewell Lobster Boat

Sizewell Power Stations

From the vicinity of the fishing boats, only Sizewell A Power Station can be seen. Although this is a brutal concrete industrial building, it can be used as a contrast to the fishing boats in the foreground. In the images below, the white dome of Sizewell B can just be seen in the background.

Pointing to Sizewell A

The Sizewell Fish Finder


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