Framlingham Castle

Framlingham Castle in the market town of Framlingham is an excellent example of a curtain wall castle. An original motte and bailey castle was destroyed at King Henry II’s order following a revolt against him, but this was replaced at the end of the 12th Century by the existing castle with a curtain wall and 13 towers. Two artificial lakes were constructed in the 14th century, one of which still exists and this provides the best views of the castle, looking across the lake with foreground reeds. This view works well in evening light with the castle illuminated by the setting sun.

Framlingham Castle was the subject of the Ed Sheeran song ‘The Castle On The Hill’, describing his upbringing in the town of Framlingham.

2.5 miles from Framlingham is the windmill of Saxtead Green, and this can easily be combined with a visit to Framlingham.

Location and Parking

Post Code: IP13 9BP

Framlingham is located between the A12 and A1120 which run roughly SW to NE in Suffolk. A patchwork of B roads links these two and Framlingham can be reached along the B116, B119 or B1120, depending on the starting point. The B116 becomes College Road when it enters Framlingham. Continue on College Road until a small roundabout is reached, then take the first exit onto Bridge Street which leads to a small market square. Turn left onto Church Street which climbs to the parking lot for the castle. If arriving on the B1120 or B119, continue to the junction between these two roads. This junction is on a bend where Castle Street turns off to the east, leading to the parking lot.

Framlingham Castle

 From the path to the castle there is an open area of fields to the right, with a very fine beech tree which looks especially good in the autumn.

Framlingham Castle In Autumn

Beech Tree At Framlingham Castle

To reach the mere, take the path left from the castle entrance, down the hill and walk in front of the castle.  A path leads off through the trees which takes a wide detour around the reed beds and boggy ground to eventually reach the far side of the mere.

Framlingham Castle

From across the mere, the castle looks particularly good with the castle walls and trees lit up by the evening sun.

Framlingham Castle Across The Mere

There are numerous composition opportunities, using the reeds as foreground interest. At one point there are also a row of willows leading into the mere, but it is quite difficult to work these into the composition without overpowering the castle.

Reeds at Framlingham Castle

Willows at Framlingham Castle

Saxtead Green Windmill

Saxtead Green Windmill is 2.5 miles west of Framlingham, so can easily be included in the same outing. The mill was used for grinding corn, and dates from at least the end of the 18th Century, although the location may have been used for a mill since the 13th century.  Whilst it is possible to visit the mill, there is no on-site parking and the the closest parking is in a lay-by on the A1120, from which the windmill can be seen across some fields. There are two field openings giving access to the view, one in front and one behind the lay-by. The front one affords a closer view, whilst the back one might give some lead-in foreground, depending on what is planted at the time.

Saxtead Green Windmill

Saxtead Green Windmill


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