Glencoe Lochan Trail

This small lochan is close to the village of Glencoe and was once part of the Glencoe House Estate, which was purchased in 1895 by Donald Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona. Smith made his fortune in Canada and his wife was Canadian, but on moving to Scotland she missed her home country, so Donald Smith planted up the forest around the lochan with trees imported from Canada. Today, Glencoe House is a hotel and the lochan is run by the Forestry Commision. There is a very pleasant short walk around the lochan, and it is possible to photograph several of the surrounding mountains reflected in the water.

Location and Parking

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From the main A82 road which by-passes the village of Glencoe, turn into the village on the B863, then turn immediately right onto a road called The Carnoch.  Follow this through the village and across a narrow bridge over the River Coe. At the second turning after the bridge, turn left onto a track that splits – the left fork leads to Glencoe House whilst the right fork leads to the car park for the Lochan. The walk around the lochan is a little over 1 mile of level walking.

Glencoe Lochan

The lochan is retained by a dam, and from this end of the lochan there there are views of Mam Na Gualainn and Beinn Na Caillich rising above the trees. At 755m, the former is classed a Corbett – a Scottish mountain over 2500ft.

Glencoe Lochan and Mam Na Gualainn

Going around the lochan in a clockwise direction, there are views towards Sorr Na Ciche – the Pap of Glencoe, which at 742m falls just short of Corbett status, but is a spectacular rocky peak nonetheless. Also on this side of the lochan are a couple of wooden jetties, which can be worked into the composition.

Sgorr Na Ciche

Sgorr Na Ciche

From the head of the lochan, there are views south towards Meall Mhor, and Beinn a’Beither, this latter being a considerable massif consisting of a pair of Munros. There are a few rocks at the head of the lochan which can be used as foreground interest in the view towards Beinn a’ Bheither.

Meall Mhor and Beinn a’Beither

Beinn a’Beither

There are a few wooded islands in the lochan, and one very small one close to the head of the lochan can sometimes catch the light when the  lochan shoreline remains in shadow..

Sunlight On The Glencoe Lochan

After rounding the head of the lochan, there are no more views of the surrounding mountains until returning to the dam at the foot of the lochan, but the walk back to the car park is a pleasant stroll along the wooded shores.

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