Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock is a 55m high sea cliff on the Trotternish peninsula in the north of Skye. The upper part of the cliff is made up of columns of dolerite rock which resemble the pleating of a kilt, hence the name. There is a viewing platform to the south of the cliffs, and adding significantly to the scene is the Mealt waterfall which plunges over the cliffs into the sea near the viewing platform.

Location and Parking

Post Code: IV51 9JE

The Kilt Rock overlook is located about 15 miles north of Portree on the main A855 road. Loch Mealt is a sizeable loch on the west side of the road, and opposite the loch is the turning into the car park for the Kilt Rock overview.

Kilt Rock and The Mealt Falls

The car park is immediately beside the overview. Looking north Mealt Falls are immediately below the overlook, with Kilt Rock in the distance. It requires a wide angle lens to fit the full height of the falls into the scene, and you may require a bit of patience waiting for the best spot, as there is limited space to set up a tripod for the best view. The waterfall is fed directly from Loch Mealt, so would be expected to have a regular flow, however when we visited in late summer the waterfall was completely dry, so  it can be affected by the seasons. The image below was taken in March.

Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock is an interesting geologic formation, being made up of an upper sill of dolerite, which has formed distinctive columns, sitting on horizontal layers of sandstone, which in turn sits on another dolerite sill close to the sea level. This banding of vertical and horizontal rocks gives the cliffs a tartan appearance, whilst the dolerite columns resemble the pleating of a kilt.

Kilt Rock

Loch Mealt

From the entrance to the car park there is a view across Loch Mealt with Beinn Edra in the background. At 611m, Beinn Edra is one of the principal summits on the Trotternish ridge and due to its west facing cliffs and striated rocks it makes an interesting subject. The few rocks on the peninsula in the loch in the image below are the remains of an Iron Age Broch known as Dun Grianan.

Loch Mealt And Beinn Edra

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