Osteria Del Orcia

We stayed at the 4-star Osteria Del Orcia, located 6km south of the town of San Quirico D’Orcia. The hotel was very comfortable and fairly up-market, with extensive grounds and a swimming pool. Although we did not use the pool, it was illuminated at night, making a good subject for some night photography. To cover the wide range of brightness, this image is an HDR blend of 6 separate exposures.

Osteria Del Orcia

Tuscany offers many landscape opportunities, but the towns and buildings often have interesting details such as doorways and windows that offer photographic opportunities, like this door at the hotel which we photographed immediately on arriving.

Doorway at Osteria Del Orcia

The hotel also had its own resident donkey who lived next to the parking area. On the first morning, I christened him Duncan the Donkey, but on subsequent mornings changed his name to Donald, or David, always beginning with a D. As he was Italian, perhaps Donatello the Donkey would have been best.

Duncan (or Donatello?) the Donkey

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