Iceland Day 7&8 – Skogafoss

Today we planned to visit the waterfall at Skogafoss as well as some of the area around Vik, however the weather closed in and we only managed to visit Skogafoss in the morning before the road was closed due to snow and high wind.  Skogafoss is one of the most attractive waterfalls in Iceland, falling in a single sheet of water over a height of 60m.  After visiting the waterfall in the morning , we were forced to stay indoors for the rest of the day due to the weather and the road closure.

The following day we were due to drive on to the Glacier Lagoon however the road east remained closed throughout the day, so we had to re-arrange our plans.  It was not until the afternoon that part of Highway 1 re-opened and we were able to get out for some photography along the road to Vik, including the unusual bra fence close to our accommodation.  The idea for a bra fence started in Australia, and for some reason it has caught on in Iceland.  We then visited the waterfall at Glufrabui, which is next door to the better known waterfall at Seljalandsfoss.  Gljufrabui waterfall is located in a narrow ravine cut into the cliff side – almost a cave.  This makes photographing the waterfall very difficult as the cave is very dark, full of spray and very enclosed, so it is difficult to stand back to fit the waterfall in the frame.  Due to the spray, it is necessary to guess the framing before removing the lens cap, and hope for the best.  Finally we took some more shots of the cloud structures from our accommodation, looking over the Holtsos lagoon.


Iceland Day 7 & 8

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