Iceland Day 6- Gullfoss to Skogafoss

Today we made our way from Gullfoss to the south coast and our next stop close to Skogafoss.  First though, we visited Geysir again for some pictures of Strokkur in the early morning light.  As we had already visited Faxifoss the previous day, we bypassed this on the way south, and our first stop was at Kerid Crater.  The crater is just under 1km in circumference and there is a short walk around the crater rim.  It was formed following an eruption about 3000 years ago by the collapse of a volcano and the rocks are a vivid red colour, although this was hidden by the winter snow.   Due to the width of the crater, it was not possible to include it in a single image, and instead required stitched wide angle panorama shots.

Next we stopped at Aegissufoss, a waterfall just past the town of Sellfoss. Although this waterfall is only a short detour from the main Highway 1, it is not very well known, however it is well worth a visit because on clear days there is an excellent view of Hekla behind the waterfall.  When we visited, there was a severe wind chill effect and although only a short distance from the road the waterfall had the feeling of being out in the wilds and well off the beaten track.  Our last stop was the impressive waterfall of Seljalandsfoss, which drops 60m over a cliff face.  The cliff was once a sea cliff, but is now some miles inland. In summer, it is possible to walk behind the waterfall, however this is closed off in the winter due to the accumulation of ice.

Finally after we arrived at our accommodation, interestingly named The Garage.  This was located behind a lagoon and afforded some open views to the south.  In the evening we took some pictures of the views and the beautiful pastel shades of the evening sky.


Iceland Day 6

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