Iceland Day 12 – Hofn to Vik

The day started with more snow and poor visibility, so there was no reason to return to the Stokksnes area for a second visit.  We also had a fair distance to cover on the return drive to Vik, so decided on an early start. With poor visibility there was nothing to stop for until we reached the Glacier Lagoon where we stopped for a coffee, but were amazed that the lagoon was now filled with ice, whereas two days previous it had appeared almost devoid of ice. The only explanation is that the ice is affected by the tides, and gathers at the lagoon exit as the tide goes out.

Beyond the Glacier Lagoon, the weather began to improve, and we had views of the Svinasvell and Skaftafell glaciers.  The highway then crosses the wide alluvial planes created by glacial outbursts before passing below the mountain of Lomagnupur, which is prominently in view for much of the drive across the plane. There is space to stop at the foot of the mountain, so we managed a few photographs here.

Our next stop was at the waterfall of Stjornarfoss just outside the village of Kirkubaejarklaustur.  The waterfall is enclosed in a small gorge, and was almost completely frozen over, so much that it was difficult to see any running water separate from the ice.

Finally we arrived at Vik, where we visited the black beach in front of the town for the sunset.  The beach affords views of the Reynisfjara pinnacles and also has fine views of Vik Church backed by some impressive cliffs.  We also spotted some horse riders as the beach is a popular pony trecking location.


Iceland Day 12

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