Blea Tarn

Blea Tarn

On Saturday we visited our cottage in Troutbeck Bridge in the morning, then drove up to Blea Tarn above Langdale to take some pictures.  After a cloudy morning it brightened up and in the afternoon we enjoyed some beautiful early spring weather.  With the Langdale Pikes as a backdrop, Blea Tarn is a noted spot for photography in the Lake District, and a large party of photographers turned up while we were there.

Blea Tarn is owned by the National Trust.  There is a car park at the tarn (free to NT members), and as the tarn is in view from the car park, no further directions are needed.  Along the south shore of the tarn there are numerous boulders in the water that provide photographic opportunities, but the most celebrated view is from the fence that extends into the tarn, with the Langdale Pikes behind.  A most impressive scene.  Unfortunately the old ramshackle and photogenic fence has recently been replaced, so it will be a few years before the new fence has ‘blended’ into the landscape.

Location and Parking

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Blea Tarn is located at he top of the road that links Great Langdale with Little Langdale.  From Great Langdale, drive as far up the valley as possible.  Beyond the last of the parking areas, the road turns left and climbs up steeply – this can be difficultin icy conditions in winter.  From Little Langdale, follow the road towards Wrynose Pass, but turn off to the right after about 2 miles along the valley road.

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